Gap Academy
4 John Street, Toronto, Ontario   M9N 1J3   416  249-1500   
An innovative approach to teaching pre-teens and adolescents with  learning disabilities.
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"Welcome to the wonderful world of Gap, where things really change."
"The future is yours... you only have to decide to take it."   P. Breda
Primary Goal
Our primary goal is the ultimate and successful re-integration of our students into a regular school
setting with minimal support. Obviously, for some students, this is an easier task than for others. To
attain our primary goal, we include an intensive upgrading of students' skill gaps to the level of the
Ministry and Board guidelines for appropriate grade levels. We also provide them with individually
tailored learning strategies which they can apply to other settings to ensure their continued success.

Secondary Goals
At Gap, we also believe in achieving the following:

1.  The understanding and attainment of socially acceptable and appropriate behaviours.
2.  The further comprehension and integration of personal awareness, including the
3.  The attainment of a level of true independence in life skills and academic ability.
4.  The development of academic tolerance, determination and success through the use of
effective             study, learning, and homework strategies
5.   The attainment of positive decision-making and critical thinking skills leading to a successful
and           happy life.

"It's never too late to
be what you might
have been."

George Elliot
"Give yourself an even
greater challenge than
the one you are trying to
master and you will
develop the powers
necessary to overcome
the original difficulty."
William J. Bennett - The Book of

“You control your future, your
destiny. What you think about
comes about. By recording your
dreams and goals on paper, you set
in motion the process of becoming
the person you most want to be. Put
your future in good hands - your

    Mark Victor Hansen
does not come to
to meet it."
Sigmund Freud