Gap Academy
4 John Street, Toronto, Ontario   M9N 1J3   416  249-1500
An innovative approach to teaching pre-teens and adolescents with  learning disabilities.
Gap Articles
"Welcome to the wonderful world of Gap, where things really change."
"You were the first teachers who told me I was expected to succeed."  An ex-Gap Student.
Ontario Federation
Independent Schools
A centre for young children with autism.
Resource from
A trust fund assisting children with a variety of issues to access music therapy.
An excellent resource for
Tourette's Syndrome
Association for Bright
Children of Ontario
"The immature mind hops
from one thing to another;
the mature mind seeks to
follow through.
Harry A. Overstreet
A self-help group for OCD
"A hundred years from now it will not
matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the
kind of car I drove...but the world may
different because I was important in
the life of a child."

Kathy Davis
"If not through a door, then
through a window."
Russian proverb
Drug Free
York University's LD Program
MdGill University's LD Program