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An innovative approach to teaching pre-teens and adolescents with  learning disabilities.
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"Welcome to the wonderful world of Gap, where things really change."
"Once you get people laughing, they're listening and you can tell them almost anything."   Herbert Gardner
"One looks back with
appreciation to the
brilliant teachers, but
with gratitude to those
who touched our
human feelings.  The
curriculum is so much
necessary raw
material, but warmth
is the vital element for
the growing plant and
for the soul of the
Carl Jung
"When our
students fail, we,
as teachers, too,
have failed."
~Marva Collins

'It must be remembered that the
purpose of education is not to fill the
minds of  each student with facts... it
is to teach them to
think, if that is
possible, and always to think for
Robert Hutchins
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unorthodox but they have worked well. There is a balanced, firm, and focused approach applied with warmth and
enthusiasm, which has resulted in a considerable behaviour improvement.
The staff is responsive to the difficulties
we experience at home and go well above the call of duty to help us work  on solutions... My daughter has shown
remarkable progress in her educational achievement...
" G.L.

"Over and above the academic improvement, Gap offers its students extra-curricular activities that have helped in
life skills, social and behavioural areas including outings and overnight trips. My daughter has enjoyed these
experiences and has demonstrated growth in independence through them.
I would definitely recommend Gap for
children with special needs
who require an unconventional approach to their education." M.G.W.

"It is on this day of my son's graduation from university, as I watch him walking down that  aisle with that oh, so
beautiful black gown and cap, that I find myself thinking not only of his recent achievements, but also of his time at
Gap Academy.    As he has so often said to me, at the time he was there, and for many years afterwards, "mom, that
was the worst two years of my life, but also the best", I find myself remembering the hard times.   My tears are not
like those of the other mothers beside me in this audience, they are tears of sadness and of joy, sadness
sometimes overwhelming the joyous ones, as I revisit the times I thought you were being so difficult with my son.  I
thought you were giving him a hard time for things he couldn't help.  What I didn't realize was that at the time, you
were looking out for his best interests more than I was.  I was so focused on how hard life had been for him, (and
was busy feeling sorry for him), while
you were busy making sure he knew you expected him to achieve.   I had
seen another parent give up, believing that you were pushing their child too much.  I am so grateful that I stuck it out
and listened to you, as you explained to me that he needed to be challenged, that he was capable of what you
wanted him to do, that he would do it, and that ultimately, he would be fine.   I wasn't so sure of that, and found
myself being frustrated with 'your lack of understanding about my son's needs'.  I now regretfully realize that my
frustration should have been with my 'lack of understanding about my son's real needs, not my reflection of his
previous pain.   
It has taken me many years to write you this letter of deepest gratitude - for being patient with
both me and my difficult son.  For only know I truly know  in my heart, that if it had not been for Gap Academy,
my son would not be graduating from university today.
  Thank you,  Gap from the bottom of this mother's heart."  

"One year ago we were in the process of looking for a qualified Educational Facility to enroll our twelve year old
daughter who has a learning disability. After hiring an Educational Consultant, who in turn referred us to Gap
Academy, we strongly believe that we have found the right school.
Gap Academy has made us aware of the fact
that there is no child with a learning disability who cannot learn. The Principal is very gifted and trained to
spend the time to 'reach' these children with their individual needs.
The staff at Gap firmly believe that every child
can learn. The repetition of important classroom skills is definitely reinforced at all times. Learning is Gap's first
priority. The curriculum is modified to reach every individual child, yet it also follows the Ministry guidelines. Each
student's strengths and weaknesses are monitored and encouragement is given in many different forms.
Independence is something that is totally reinforced throughout the enrollment, beginning even with the first forms,
which require the student themselves to fill out.   My daughter has learned to master whatever she has been given.
She has become confident in her learning just over a short period of time. I am very encouraged by the complete
dedication and support of the teaching staff.
They are concerned with the total child. They make
recommendations and actively follow up any suggestions given by professionals. All the best to Gap Academy and
a heartfelt thank you from my husband, myself, and my daughter." D.J.

"My daughter had been miserable at school for many years, (and unfortunately, also at home); this seemed no
different at Gap initially.   But then slowly, it seemed that she was just a little bit happier every day.  Not only did we
see amazing academic improvements we had never seen before, but we also saw many incredible emotional and
social changes - that two psychologists, one psychiatrist, and medication had never been able to affect.   I can't
believe the change - we even have pictures of her smiling." B.P.
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