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An innovative approach to teaching pre-teens and adolescents with  learning disabilities.
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"Welcome to the wonderful world of Gap, where things really change."
"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."     John Cotton Dana
"I just graduated.  What an incredible feeling.   I didn't think I would ever achieve it.  And now, I'm here.   
The best part is that I just got accepted to university.  Who would have thought it possible?   An LD
student in university the regular way?"   

"The Gap teachers are helping me read more fluently and my attitude is getting a lot better, too - thanks
to the help I've gotten from Gap." M.E.

"These teachers have saved my life.   I was destined for failure and lack of interest.  They cared and
showed me the way.   I know it sounds a little corny, but that's actually the way it is.   I would not have
been in the place I'm in if it wasn't for the Gap teachers."  P.L

I'm finally learning how to learn; I'm working on study strategies and skills - but at least they have
classes here.  Now, finally, someone is showing me how to learn better - and they're considering my
specific learning disabilities. For the first time in my life, I feel like my problem will be solved and I will be
able to go back to a regular school and work in classes without being embarrassed." G.A.

"My friends don't understand how much these teachers care.  They say they're just a number at the other
schools and that nobody cares.   That's impossible to believe here, because they just keep pushing until
you change no matter what."   A. P.

I just applied to my dream school and passed the entrance exam - I know it's thanks to Gap and to all my
hard work over the last two years." B.M.D.

"I really appreciate what Gap has done for me in such a short time. When I came in September, I couldn't
concentrate for even a short period of time. And now, mostly I can sit for the whole class. It's the first time
I've been able to finish any assignments." D.E.M.

"I have a pretty serious version of ADD and thank God I've changed a lot since I first stepped foot through
the Gap door. I just wrote a college LD entrance exam and passed with flying colours. Even though at
times I thought the teachers were hassling me, I now know it was all worthwhile." J.R.

"Hello. I have PDD. I just came last year on September 11, and since then I've learned to change many of
my behaviours. I have learned about social language and social interactions. I've also learned how to
speak and make sense over a long conversation. I've learned about how to change my behaviours so
that they are more acceptable to others around me. Thanks, Gap." S.J.

"Although going to this school was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life - it worked.   My life was out
of control; nothing was going right.   I was missing more school than I was attending.  I was failing more
courses than I was passing, and I felt that everything was hopeless.   Not even my 'gifted status' could
save me from the long plunge into the depth of failure.   This school made me turn around - dramatically.
I will forever be grateful.  I still think of the school and it's years later."  M.A.

"This is the best school in the country...I can't even begin to explain what I learned in those rooms on the
second floor in Weston."  P.L.
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