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An innovative approach to teaching pre-teens and adolescents with  learning disabilities.
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"Welcome to the wonderful world of Gap, where things really change."
"Expressing oneself is a most vital reminder that we are here, we are alive, and we count."
P. Breda
A student with asberger's  who's writing was virtually illegible, and can now take notes, write to be
understood and generally use the written word as a form of communication - impossible a year or
two before.
After many attempted interventions, this Grade 9 brilliant young man could still not write legibly.   
After he arrived, we worked on his attention span with exercises to expand interventions, and
voila!  Amazing changes after just three months!
"You don't write because
you want to say
something, you write
because you've got
something to say."
F. Scott Fitzgerald
"To leave a child with a severe writing
disability is to cripple him for life."
P. Breda
A contribution to the new website from a
parent of the past.

"My son's printing was horrible and his cursive writing
was non-existant, although I would have never said that
to him directly.   I was always scared  he never really
learn to write.   When the ISA approval came through for
this laptop at public school, I was elated.  I finally thought,
he'll be okay now that he can use his laptop.  The
psychologist concurred.   But things were overall so bad
at public school, we knew we needed a change.

You can imagine my chagrin when the director of Gap
refused to allow him to use a computer when he first
arrived there.   I was horrified to think that after all those
years of suffering, and after finally finding  a solution,
we'd be going through it all over again.  I actually kept
him home from school on the second and third day while
I pondered where else I could send him.  I laugh with
Paola (the Gap principal) now when we occasionally
catch up by phone and remember how I lied about my
son being sick so he wouldn't have to face her and his
writing problem!

Fortunately, my husband reduced my concerns to
nothing when he forced my son back to school.  I will be
forever grateful to him that he saw what Paola saw,
instead of what I saw.   

My son returned to Gap and began his writing program.   
I have to say I couldn't believe that these teachers with
their so-called 'alternative' methods could accomplish
anything more than what all the psychologists, writing
specialists, and OTs we took our son to see.  But
succeed they did!   
We are not one of the examples on this page, but my
son's improvements were nonetheless drastic.   Today, I
am proud to say he writes better than his father - a
family doctor!"
Thank you Gap!
Samples from our Writing Program