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                   English Immersion or Credit Courses for International Students
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International Students for High School Credits or English Immersion

Gap Academy's new International Programme welcomes students from all over the world, although our new programme will focus on
students from Mexico.  Students in our International Programme are integrated into the High School Division.  Depending on the
student's level of English, International Students will either start in the English Programme, or engage in the English Programme, plus
appropriate credit courses, given their language ability and current knowledge of the subject's base in their own first language.

Key Steps In The Admissions Process

Prospective students will need to submit an International Student Application Form, noting whether they are interested in the English
Immersion Programme, or whether they are interested in Ontario Credit Courses, or both.   Once the International Application Form and
the Legal Guardian Agreement and other forms are reviewed, the process will move towards the formal interview.

Prospective students will be interviewed over the telephone or via internet programs, after initial verbal contact has been established.   
If the student has a guardian or family member in Canada, the Principal will make contact with this guardian first, and then move to the
international interview appointment.

Prospective students may be notified via email with an Offer of Admission, should admission be granted after the Interview.  At this point,
a Conditional Letter of Acceptance will be issued, upon which a decision by the family needs to be made on whether to accept the

Prospective students will have their admission confirmed once the Conditional Offer of Admission has been accepted and the full
payment for the tuition has been made, and pertinent documents have been received.   At this point, a Final Letter of Acceptance will be

VISA & Study Permit
Prospective students who are attending for less than 6 months in the English Immersion Course only, do not need to apply for a Study
Permit or other Canadian Visa, provided they are from a country which is allowed free access by the Canadian government.   
Prospective students who are coming from a country is mandated to require a VISA by the Canadian government, will require a VISA.   
Prospective students who are planning on studying in the English Immersion Programme, or attaining Ontario School Credits, will
require a Student Study Permit.  Note that students wishing to study for a period of longer than six months, cannot do so under federal
law without a Study Permit.   Depending of the student's country of origin, and the length of study, some students may not require a
Study Permit or a Temporary Resident Visa.  Any student who requires a Study Permit or Temporary Resident Visa but does not have
one, or has not been able to renew the student visa or study permit will not be allowed to attend Gap Academy.   If you have any
questions about your need for a Temporary Resident Visa or Study Permit, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You may also chec
Government of Canada Immigration Website.

Recurrent Study Permits for future years will be facilitated by the administration of Gap Academy through further Letters of Acceptance
and renewal assistance.  

Legal Guardians:  All students, regardless of age, are required to have a legal guardian here in Ontario. If students plan to live with a
relative, then that relative can be the legal guardian.   The Guardian Agreement must be signed and submitted to the school with the
Application Document Package.

NEW !!!

After December 1, 2016,
students from Mexico
who study for less than 6 months
in Canada will no longer need
a Study Permit or
Temporary Resident Permit.

COMING UP SOON:   International Student Application Form Online & OnPaper
Email us in the meantime if you're interested.